Sunday, 14 August 2011

Trying new thing realy does pay off.

Two nights ago we went out and tried a shopping centre that we we nervous about and assumed wouldn't have much - we were so wrong!

We went to a few other places, but most of this haul comes from the one place
- 10 bags of apples
- 6 potatoes
- 6 onions
- 1 head of brocolli
- 10 bags of potato chips (burger rings, twisties, cheese and bacon balls etc.)
- A few pears
- A "Tinkerbell" painting kit.

I am making ridiculous amounts of apple crumble as we speak! apples apples apples xD - angry xo

CATCH UP! Where have we been!?

Okay so it has been a while; Lets play catch up!

-A few months ago we took some newbies out on a dive and the police were called by a neighbor in response to our (at the time) loud car, we recieved a warning and were told if we got caught again we could face charges.Got nothing that night.

-We found the best bin ever! which belonged to a big W. We found hundreds of soft drink cans and boxes after boxes of chocolate! Also shavers, sunscreen, dry shampoo and heaps more! unfortunately they started locking that one recently.

-After a few more dives, some fruitful (pun intended), some not, we had to throw in the towel for a few months becuase a lot of stores started locking their bins (we never made a mess so god knows why).

But we are back now! and I will leave you with some pictures of past endeavors! -angry xo

This is a haul from a mix of shops, got some nice flowers there!

This is the Big W only haul, now it is locked.
Same day expiry chocolate mud cake, so we HAD to eat it all!

The best part about this mixed haul was the $27 party cake! (the cats knocked it over and ate it, haha)

Small local Woolworths haul, half empty washing liquid.

One of the tomatoes found on a mix haul, wonderful condition.

box of expensive mushrooms on a mixed hual, same day expiry, perfect condition!

Monday, 4 April 2011

First post; Second night.

Cat and I went out Dumpster diving for the second time last night. There is a really good supermarket that we went to, the only downside is that you have to crawl under a fence to get to it. Once we were inside we found a bin full of industrial strength black bags FULL of FRESH bread, pizza rolls and hot cross buns! About six of them! We took three bags, took a few bits out of them and gave the rest away to low income families.

We then went to another bin that belongs to Woolworths/Safeway. It was disgusting. I jumped in and Cat kept look out I had a cotton glove on one hand (to move the REALLY gross stuff) and we found heaps of SEALED longlife chocolate cake/puddings with a "best before" date of the same day! (best before doesn't mean they are bad, that is only a "use by") We also found heaps of rolls of unopened Christmas wrap (which we left).

There was plenty of seemingly okay meat and vegetables, but we are actually vegan so we don't eat meat. But we are considering eating dumpstered dairy (in cakes and stuff) and we aren't quite game enough to try the veggies yet. Maybe in a week or two we will try them! Next time we go I might take some meat for my dogs, but because we are in Australia it gets quite warm and I would hate for the meat to be bad and make my dogs sick...Maybe when we are further into winter I will give it a go?

The first time we went out (about three weeks ago) we went in flip-flops and shorts with no lights or bags and got busted by security, we didn't stay to chat, we just ran. On the way out (under a fence) we got cut up pretty bad by some barbed wire. So we learned a few lessons;

1) Wear tight fitting jeans (they are less likely to get caught on bins and in fences) But not so tight that you can't move properly.

2) A backpack seems like a good idea, but it can really get in the way and get stuck on things. A few small grocery bags in your pocket works better!

3) As much as you CAN go without a torch, it is WAY better with a small one.

4) Wear a decent fitting pair of shoes (with good grip on them) if you can.

5) Cotton gloves are a TERRIBLE idea. They soak up EVERYTHING. use latex. haha.

Hope that helps you out a bit!
Hangry xo